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Upstairs Ballroom

A Perfect Venue for NOLTC Members and Sponsored Guests Alike 

Offering an expanded rear ballroom, for larger parties, NOLTC's ballroom is a functional space that can accommodate
events of all shapes and sizes, from holiday parties to wedding receptions and everything in between.

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Please inquire below or at (504) 899-1572 to discuss your upcoming event.

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Pool & Splash Pad Parties

NOLTC offers its members the use of the Club Swimming Pool and Splash Pad for parties of 10 or more guests.
A standard pool party is two hours long. Parties may be booked between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. Pool rental may
be extended for one hour at additional cost. Off season parties (before the pool is open to members) require
a $250 fee; on-season parties require $150 fee.

*Pool parties may not be booked Thursdays from 6:00-9:00 pm, due to Grill Night.

Food & Beverage Packages

(All food served with a side of assorted bag chips)
        Taco Bar | $75 per person
        Hot Dogs & Chili Dogs | $7 per person
        Your Choice Pizza | $9 per person
        Crispy Chicken Tenders | $11 per person
        Pool Pitchers | $7 per pitcher
        Soft drinks, lemonade or iced tea - charged on consumption
*All pricing is subject to a 20% facility fee and a 10% sales tax  

Use of Pool Area Not Including Food

For parties booked within regular pool hours, where no food is served, there is a single $250 fee.
Regular menu prices apply for other food selected from the Grill Menu.

Grill Menu  






The number of lifeguards depends on the age and number of children attending the party.

Ages <6:

2 lifeguards for up to 10 children
3 lifeguards for 11-25 children
4 lifeguards for over 25 children

Ages 6-11:

1 lifeguard for up to 10 children
2 lifeguards for 11-25 children
3 lifeguards for 26-35
4 lifeguards for over 35 children

Ages 12+:

1 lifeguard for up to 10 children
2 lifeguards for 11-30 children
3 lifeguards for over 30 children
$60.00 per guard for a standard two-hour party.

Rules & Regulations

No outside food allowed, except desserts, birthday cakes, etc. The Grill can only store frozen items.
Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. 
All standard pool rules and regulations apply.
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