Stunning Venues For Your Event

We offer stunning venues for your event, including a Ballroom and Pool


The Perfect Venue for the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club members and sponsored guests alike... 

New bar, carpet, sound proof divisional doors, an elite sound system & beautiful dance floor.

An expanded rear ballroom, for even larger parties, with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.  

Special party for Holiday Parties, New Year’s Eve, Mardi Gras, Birthday Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Receptions, Queen’s Suppers,
Debutante Balls, Business Meetings, Pool Parties or that special intimate luncheon or dinner.  


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Please contact Stephen Gamble or the Club at 504-899-1572, at your convenience, for any assistance you may possibly need for an upcoming event.

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The N.O.L.T.C. offers its members the use of the Club& Swimming Pool for parties and special events for parties of ten (10) or more members & guests. Two (2) hour parties may be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. From May 14 - July 11, 2018 parties may not be scheduled between the hours of 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. These times are Monday through Friday due to swim team practice. In addition, parties may not be scheduled on Thursday nights due to Barbeque Night or the weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Please remember parties are of a two hour limit.



Use of Pool Areas Including Food:

$7.95 per person including a hot dog & chips*

$9.95 per person including a hamburger & fries*

$11.95 per person including chicken fingers & fries*

*Includes use of the pool, splash area, pavilion and playground.


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Grill Menu Pool Side Menu


~Regular menu prices apply for other food selected from the Grill Menu~


Other Prices:

$7.00 per pitcher of soft drinks, lemonade, or ice tea.

~All pricing is subject to a 20% facility fee and a 10% sales tax~


Use of Pool Area Not Including Food

For all parties where no food is served during regular pool hours, for the pool, for the splash area, pavilion and playground areas there is a single $275.00 charge. Any food items (not mentioned above) served at all pool area parties will be selected from the Banquet or Grill Menus and regular menu prices will apply for all other selections.




The number of lifeguards on duty depends not only on the age of the children but, also on the number of children attending the party.

For children ages <6:

2 lifeguards for up to 10 children
3 lifeguards for 11-25 children
4 lifeguards for over 25 children

For children ages 6-11:

1 lifeguard for up to 10 children
2 lifeguards for 11-25 children
3 lifeguards for 26-35
4 lifeguards for over 35 children

For children ages 12+:

1 lifeguard for up to 10 children
2 lifeguards for 11-30 children
3 lifeguards for over 30 children


$20.00 per hour, per lifeguard.  Two (2) hour party is a minimum of 3 hour charge or $60.00, per guard for use of pool only.



Rules & Regulations

All food and beverages must be purchased from the Club. Exception-birthday cake, etc. Also, the Grill will only store those items that are frozen. The Club will not supply cups, plates, or flatware for these exceptions. No glass containers. No exceptions. No use of towels from the locker rooms. 

All standard pool rules and regulations apply.

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